Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Deck Chairs and Airline Seats

When Mubarak appointed Shafiq, the former aviation head, as prime minister, I wanted to throw something at the TV, because the cabinet reshuffling was such an insulting non-sequitur. It's like a CEO dealing with a shareholder complaints by firing his masseuse. But what I really wanted to say was this:

What a good idea, appointing the former aviation head as PM! Mubarak's going to need a plane soon. Maybe Shafiq can help him with that.


  1. at first the aviation minister as PM thing made no sense... then I saw that he was chief of air force prior to being aviation minister (and Mubarak was chief of air force prior to being Sadat's veep), and the air force is the strongest branch... it made sense, in a sinister "I'm appointing a more military oriented government" sort of way

    in that light, the episode with the F-16s buzzing Tafrir Square soon afterwards was chilling... rationally I knew it was unlikely to be a bombing run (if only because Al Jazeera at least had cameras rolling), but the ghoulish thought did occur to me that if the army on the streets of Cairo had been semi-co-opted by the protesters, Mubarak might have turned to his old branch to do the dirty work... instead it turned out to be wacky attempt to disperse the crowd / end up looking like both a bully and impotent at the same time?

    but yeah, so far Pharoh is 0 for 2 now on WTF/non sequitur speeches

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